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Job Description

o    Support Agile Development Teams to improve DevOps/Agile Engineering Practices and enable built-in quality for fast and frequent deliverables.

•    Activities
o    Help teams to identify perfectible practices.
o    Train teams on Agile engineering practices: requirements, development, testing, deployment, and documentation
o    Plan and implement Agile engineering improvements. 

•    Experience
o    Building IT products in multicultural environment.
o    Working experience in a multi-cultural environment.
o    Developer for desktop and web applications, mobile is a plus.
o    Manual and automated testing
o    Agile Testing Quadrant
o    Agile Testing Pyramid (automated testing)
o    DevOps, CI, CD, IAC
o    Test Driven Development, ATDD, BDD, Unit Testing

•    Skills
o    Object Oriented Programming
o    Functional Programming
o    Design Patterns
o    Clean Code

•    Tools & Technologies
o    Microsoft .Net
o    Azure DevOps or equivalent
o    SonarCloud/SonarQube
o    Azure or equivalent Cloud technologies 

Chennai INDIA
No of Position
As per the company standards
IT - Industry
Functional Area